Official Response to MOOD

It seems that the last couple of days have been a flurry of rumors, talking, gossip and whispers.  With a lot of misinformation spread all around and horror stories spread over what a terrible event the Jewelry Fair is.  While it saddens me greatly and I don’t typically respond to such childish attacks, I have been advised to give a response.

The very first thing that I would like to point out, is the huge flaw in the MOOD press release that says “and benefits an undisclosed charity” (sic) however, very clear to all merchants involved in the fair, and included in all merchant information packets is a notecard that clearly explains *who* the charity is, as well as why they were chosen.

“The Jewelers of SL spent weeks looking over charities and Oxfam won our vote.  Their website is

“Oxfam International is a confederation of 13 like-minded organizations working together and with partners and allies around the world to bring about lasting change.

We work directly with communities and we seek to influence the powerful to ensure that poor people can improve their lives and livelihoods and have a say in decisions that affect them.”

-Oxfam Website

100% of the proceeds from vendor entry fees, one of a kind auctions, paid sponsors, events/games during the fair are going to Oxfam.  Many Jewelers are putting up special vendors to share 50% of the proceeds with Oxfam.”

This is in fact the *exact* same charity that was supported from the Jewelry Fair in 2010, and due to the global reach of the charity, and the global reach of the users, merchants and creators of Second Life, saw no reason to change it.

Back before the fair was even officially announced Jori Watler contacted me asking about the fair, when it would be, who was organizing it and so forth.  After talks, she was given the same fair announcement packet that everyone else was which clearly included the information about the charity mentioned above, Oxfam for her to read over. It was also discussed, that per her behavior at the previous fair, lack of cooperation, and crass shows of disrespect, we would have to discuss her participation in the fair.  After speaking with others, it was requested that she apologize to the organizers of the 2010 fair for her inappropriate behavior.  She refused, however I felt that it had been long enough between incidents she at least deserved a second chance to take part and against my better judgment and advice from others allowed her to sign up.

Upon signup, the application form clearly states:

“Booth Fees *   Please pay all booth fees to JewelryFair Juneberry BEFORE submitting this form. Paste the transaction details from the Second Life website below. *Please Note* Booth fees are NOT refundable! ”


Which by submitting the sign up form, she clearly agreed to ahead of time. After sponsors were selected, each sponsor was notified on June 1,2011 with the sponsors selected, as well as the sim placement. Upon being notified of being awarded a sponsor booth, Jori Watler submitted the additional monies that were due to secure the larger booth to JewelryFair Juneberry.

In an effort to work with merchants as much as possible, booth examples were not only setup for creators to look at before signing up for the fair to assist them in selecting a sim theme that would best match their needs, but sponsors were also provided with a copy of the booth to allow them to begin working on setup, layout, placement and other things on July 5, 2011 several months before the fair began to ensure they had ample time to work with the space regardless of any other SL or RL obligations.

Upon receiving a copy of the booth package, Jori immediately started messaging attacking the build. Her first message indicated that she wanted to drop out of the fair, not even have the build modified to better fit her needs, or even ask about getting a different build, or moved to a different sim.

“[2011/07/05 17:20]  Jori Watler: I received the “premium” build pack, and I have to express my utter shock.  I had very high hopes after hearing Eolande was leaving – but I have to say, this is unacceptable on many if not all levels for MOOD to be involved with.

[2011/07/05 17:21]  Jori Watler: A build with GLOW, circa 2005/2006 look/feel – it’s not something I find conducive to highlighting/showcasing jewelry – at I think before we move any further in, MOOD is going to step away from any association.  This is not acceptable for me”

This without even giving a chance to respond or even attempt to correct any of the problems that she had.  Upon offering to modify the booth, as well as correct any issues she had, nothing was acceptable to her.  She refused to look at any of the other builds.  With the Elements theme, each build is designed completely differently, and no 2 sims are designed in the same manner, which made her rash and quick judgment, not only inappropriate but also highly unprofessional.  Rather than discussing any options, or giving any ideas on how to correct the problem, she wanted to drop out of the fair immediately. This is in rather stark contrast to the manner in which she has portrayed herself in this whole situation.

After speaking with her, I finally agreed to refund the money *if* someone else would take the space.  However, after further conversations with Jori Watler, she not only continued to insult me, in calling me a fool, but criticizing everything about the fair.  In fact, she even stated that the money could be kept

“[2011/07/05 21:30]  Jori Watler: Keep the damn money should you need to –“

To which I responded with

“[2011/07/05 21:31]  Cara Ametza: I’ve tried to be more than flexible, I offered to modify the booth, I had offered you a different build on one of the other sims, even offered to refund the money *if* someone else took the space, but all of that isn’t acceptable to you.  What more do you want?

[2011/07/05 21:31]  Cara Ametza: I’m sorry, personally I think that’s being more than flexible and gracious and professional especially since the form states no refunds, and I didn’t have to offer to modify the booth, or even let you move to a different sim and could have simply said, “oh well, sucks to be you””

After the conversation she was muted, I do not need to work or deal with such negative behavior, not in Second Life, not in Real Life, and not in any life.  I will not be strong armed by someone who is so immature and determined to slander not only myself, but an event that myself and others have worked very hard on.

Jori is being simply held to the same standards that others are. In fact, someone else requested a refund of fees because they are unable to participate; they were told that it couldn’t be done as well; however they asked if the booth could be given to a friend.  Their friend is overjoyed happy at getting a spot, the merchant who originally signed up was happy, and it ended in a win-win situation for everyone. On a separate occasion, a merchant contacted me because they had finally gone to see the sample builds and had concerns that they would not be able to make the sim they selected work with their style.  After speaking for a while, she made a decision on a sim that would be better for her needs, and her store was moved to the new sim without any incidents.

Others have also needed to be moved as well because they either found a different sim that would fit their needs, or they personally fell in love with one of the builds and wanted to be there.  Everyone has been accommodated so far to the best of our abilities except for Jori.  Nothing that was offered to her was good enough.

At this point, I have been slandered, harassed, stalked, and abused all after having muted Jori to help remove the negative forces in my life.  With the fair so close we are still holding out hope that the fair can be a great event regardless of the negative light that some have chosen to cast upon it.

In closing she is being refunded the fee that was paid for the premium booth, and is no longer under any circumstances ever welcome to return to any Jewelers of SL event.  I refuse to be held to her strong armed tactics, after posting this I am returning to bed where I should be since I’ve been sick the last week and will not deal with her in any form.  Additionally, she will remain on the mute list since this matter is resolved, and there is no reason for any further contact.  I will be posting a snapshot of the SL transaction onto this post as proof that she has had the money returned should she decide that she wants to continue to slander my name, or the fair itself.

Cara Ametza


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