Merchant Rules

Jewelry Fair 2011 Participant Rules


All of these rules have been carefully thought out and discussed, and they are in place to make this fair to all who are participating, and to ensure the event is as low lag and the environment as enjoyable as possible.  Therefore, there can be no exceptions to the rules.  Please also obey the heart of the rule – if you think you’ve found a loophole don’t use it, or we won’t be happy.  🙂  When in doubt, please ask!

***Products/Sale Items/Freebies

1. No IP infringement!  As content creators we have a responsibility to respect the IP rights of other creators both in Second Life and outside of Second Life.  Items that violate this will be returned without warning once the fair is opened.  Prior to the fair opening, we will contact any designers who are impacted by this.

2. Everything sold or given away must be your own creation. Absolutely no resellers, or affiliates!

3. All 4 sims are PG rated, to maximize traffic exposure to all residents of Second Life regardless of maturity settings.  Please refrain from bringing adult themed items to the fair.

4. Absolutely no merchandise other than jewelry and accessories will be allowed to be for sale or advertised at the fair.  For example, including but not limited to: clothing, shoes, and hair.  Absolutely no promotion of non-jewelry related products, for example: no freebies, no ad textures, no signs.

5. We encourage that items offered at the fair be new and unreleased, to help draw the greatest crowds possible to the fair.  However, we are only requiring ONE item that is new and unreleased be offered.  There is quite a bit of time between now and the actual fair to prepare for this and be ready.

6. This year poses are allowed.  HOWEVER, they must be jewelry related.  The purpose is to provide poses that shoppers can use to show off all of the gorgeous jewelry that they find at the fair. Single, couple or group poses are allowed as long as they are still jewelry related!


7. You may make modifications to the inside of your space within reason. We encourage each merchant to make the most of their space and draw the fair visitors into your booth.  You may not cover up or replace anything on the outside or top of your space.  Do not extend above the top walls of your booth.

8. Carts may not be modified at all.  You may not cover them up in any way, or display things above the cart.  The space you may use on and around the cart will be clearly defined for you.

9. You will have a whole week before the fair starts to set up your space, and it will be checked thoroughly to make sure it is within all the rules.  If you are not setup in time, your participation in the fair will be terminated except for the event of a serious emergency.

10. Shops: All of your prims must be confined within your allotted space.  The parameters of your area will be clearly defined a week prior to the fair for setup.

11. Single script vendor systems ONLY permitted.  Absolutely no vendor scripts that require more than 1 single script per vendor. There are numerous options available that will cover this requirement if you choose to use a vendor system, or you can always sell just from the prim contents.  If we determine that any scripts are causing a continuous problem we will contact the merchant to remove the script.  If you have any questions about your vendors, or want to have your vendors checked out ahead of time, etc please contact the sim manager.

12. No hovertext, no particles, no sounds, no physical prims, no flexi, no sculpts, no moving parts.

13. No temp rezzers, no listening scripts, no greeters.  No multi-item vendors.

14. No scrolling textures, no animated textures, no form of automated texture changing.

15. One subscriber or group joiner will be allowed per booth.

16. While we are NOT restricting texture sizes this year, we do respectfully request that everyone carefully consider texture sizes when planning booths.  The larger the texture, the longer it will take to rezz for fair visitors.  The smaller the textures you can use, the faster your products will rezz for people which will help to significantly increase your exposure and potential sales!

17. Two textures per prim: one for box front and one texture for sides/back.  PLEASE seriously consider using default blank, or one of the included textures.  Tinting is ok.

18. One business per booth. (Business may include multiple partners/managers.)

19.  No live or inanimate staff, hosts, models, or any other of the sort may be stationed at booths.  We want to minimize lag and not over crowd the sims.

20. All vendor booths will be checked thoroughly before the event starts. If there is a problem you will be notified immediately and will be expected to fix it before we open. If the problem is not fixed, the items will be returned to you. Booths that are vacant after the setup deadline of September 14, 2011 at 12 p.m. SLT will be considered abandoned.

*** Responsible Participation in the Event

21. Do not leave the Jewelers in SL group until the fair is completely over.  It must be your avatar, not an alt, in the group.

22. You must post the sign and/or texture in your store and mall stores at least two weeks prior to the event.  Any additional advertising that you can provide would be wonderful! Please send a notecard to Rox Arten telling her where you plan to advertise.

23. Before you arrive at the fair,  please remove your HUDS, radars, scripted hair, any other scripted attachments and jewelry. Please do all you can to lower the lag for our visitors.

24. During the event, if you come and walk around, please be mindful of how full the sim is.  If the sim is full, please leave as you’re taking up the space of someone who is there to spend money.

25. Be professional to visitors and fellow jewelers at all times. Keep in mind that our image is important to our businesses and our own behavior can easily be observed, scrutinized and then talked about in blogs. We can help ensure that we are reviewed or spoken of in positive terms rather than negative by never being the source of drama, never using inappropriate language for a pubic venue, never using lewd or vulgar gestures and never being condescending to visitors.  Make everyone feel welcome!

26. Never make comments about or ask visitors to remove attachments or other items because you believe they are causing lag. If you seriously believe that someone is causing a problem for the event either by way of producing too much lag, disruptive behavior or griefing, please do not address it yourself to the person, instead, IM one of the fair staff that is online!

27. The staff are all here as volunteers.  As such, they are not subject to abuse, or harassment.  The rules are in place to make things as fair as possible for everyone.  Any negativity regarding the fair or it’s coordinators in any group, including the Jewelers of SL group, forums, website, or venue either associated or not associated with Second Life will result in removal from the fair without refund.

28. Grow your business and have fun!!!!


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