Jewelry Fair 2011!





The theme for the 2011 Jewelry Fair is Elements!  We are excited to announce that the 2011 Jewelry Fair is coming along fabulously and we happily invite every creator and designer in Second Life that creates jewelry to join us for this amazing event.

Hosted on a sprawling 4 sim design, each sim will have a beautifully decorated theme that fits into the overall Elements theme.

September 16th – September 25th 2011

We welcome all jewelry creators, jewelry supply creators and pose makers with jewelry specific poses in Second Life whether large or small and look forward to one of the best fairs of the year!

Merchant Information:

Booth prices and sizes will be the same in all areas.  One space per business, one business per space.  You can choose your first and second theme area preferences, first come first serve.

Cart: $600L                  – 10 Prims      –  we promise they will look like a cart!
Small: $1,500L           – 25 Prims       – 10m wide x 10m deep x 8.5m high
Medium: $3,000L       – 50 Prims     – 15m wide x 10m deep x 8.5m high
Large: $6,000L            – 100 Prims   – 20m wide x 10m deep x 8.5m high
Premium: $30,000L   – 400 Prims   – 30m wide x 20m deep x 10m high

Each sim will be themed after one of the Elements – Air, Earth, Fire, or Water so be sure to pick your first choices for sim placement!

Premium booths are limited to a total of 8, 2 for each sim.  To be fair to people in various time zones, and those who do not login each day we will hold a lotterydrawing for the 8 sponsor booths.

To apply:

All applications for the 2011 Jewelry Fair are accepted via a web form ONLY!  No notecard applications will be accepted!

Please visit:

Blogger Preview Sign up:

Jewelry Fair Staff

Coordinator:  Cara Ametza
Publicity: Rox Arten
Publicity: Kym Tamale
Sim Manager: Eolande Elvehjem
Sim Manager: CarpeDiem Turbo
Sim Manager: Calamity Hathaway
Sim Manager: BastChild Lotus
Blog: Sequoia Nightfire


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